Back to Basics – The Alcoholics Anonymous Beginners Classes…

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What is the name of your group?

Back to Basics – The Alcoholics Anonymous Beginners Classes (1944)

When did your group start?

May 18, 1997

Who were the founders of the group?

Vic M. Sr.

What is the reason the group was started?

To show people how to work the steps from the Big Book of A.A. Beginner Classes started in Washington, D.C. 1944 the success rate then for recovered alcoholics was estimated to be 75%.

What is the frequency of the group?

Every Sunday night 7 to 8 pm.

What type of Meeting is it?

Open meeting – no discussion. It’s a class.

Where did the group first meet?

Kennedy Hospital Cherry Hill, N.J. 5th flr. Board room.

Current Location?

Same as above. We are now in the Auditorium 5th flr.

Any special problems ever occur, such as places, format of meet, Mr. & Mrs. AA trying to run the show, etc.

NO! This is a program of attraction not promotion. We do have a give away at the end of the meeting.