SJIG Service Committees

The Intergroup Representatives elect as their trusted servants a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer, and such other officers as they deem necessary. The Regular Intergroup Meeting is on the third Wednesday of each month at 8:00 pm, at: St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church (St. Bart’s) 1989 Rt.70 East Cherry Hill
PLEASE! ENTER FRONT DOOR ONLY! The functions of the officers are as follows:

Intergroup Officers

Chairperson –

The Chairperson coordinates activities of the other Officers and Committee heads. He or she presides at Intergroup meetings, expressing no opinions either for or against any Motion on the floor while occupying the chair; voting only in the necessity of a tied-vote. The Chairperson may preside at Steering Committee meetings in the absence of the Vice-Chairperson.

Vice-Chairperson –

The Vice-Chairperson presides as Chairperson of the Steering Committee. In the event of the absence of the Chairperson, he or she presides as Chairperson at Intergroup meetings.

Treasurer –

The Treasurer keeps accurate account of Intergroup financial affairs, reporting same to Intergroup.

Secretary –

The Secretary takes minutes at InterGroup meetings and sees that minutes are distributed to InterGroup Representatives. He or she also performs any such duties as may be assigned.

Assistant Secretary –

The Assistant Secretary is the Secretary for the Steering Committee. The duties of Secretary and Assistant Secretary may be performed by one person in the absence of the other.

InterGroup Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of the panel of elected Intergroup Officers, Intergroup Committee Chairpersons/Co-Chairpersons, and a Representative from the Board of Trustees. Our monthly meeting is held on the second Wednesday of each month at the Intergroup Office in Voorhees and is open to all members of the A.A. Fellowship.

Answering Service/12 Step Committee –

This committee manages and fills 70 weekly time slots with responsible AA members who volunteer to answer the phone for callers that are calling the 24-hour Hotline 856-486-4444. Incoming calls are programmed to be routed, via AccessDirect, directly to the phone volunteers’ cell phone during their shift. The 12th step list is a list of over 150 committed AA members throughout South Jersey available to assist the still suffering alcoholic by offering guidance and help to AA meetings and the program. Phone volunteers use the 12th step list to match callers with 12th step volunteers. Training sessions are held quarterly at the intergroup offices. For more information or to volunteer, please email

Archive Committee –

The Archive Committee is responsible for the organization and storage of historic materials regarding the South Jersey Intergroup. We gather oral and written histories of the groups and Old-timers for our area. If you have historic documents/literature to donate or would like to be interviewed about your group’s story or your personal story, please email us.

Bookers Committee –

Bookers are representatives from AA home groups who book speakers from other AA home groups to speak at their meeting and book speakers from their group to go out to other AA meetings to speak. Bookers Meeting Exchange meets at St Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church 1989 Marlton Pike East (Route 70), Cherry Hill @ 8:00 pm on the First Thursday of February, May, August & November.

Budget & Finance Committee –

The Budget and Finance Committee of South Jersey Intergroup is an internal committee that assists the Steering Committee in preparation of its annual budget, is available to help committee chairmen with financial questions, and annually examines the treasurer’s records and stewardship of money entrusted to Intergroup by contributing AA groups.

Hospitals and Institutions Committee –

The Hospitals & Institutions Committee (H & I) books groups and individuals to fill speaking commitments at hospitals, detox centers, and rehabs. Also provides them with literature. Individuals are always welcome to book H&I speaking commitments either in person, via phone, or by email. The Hospitals & Institutions Booking Meeting takes place at the Intergroup Office in Pennsauken at 7:00pm on the the last Monday of each month.

The need for literature/donations is ever present. Has your home group donated literature lately? Speakers are needed everywhere (90 days sobriety required). Please call 856-486-4446. This line has a message tape. Your call will be passed to the Committee Chairperson.

Literature Committee –

This committee is responsible for ordering and disbursing AA literature at the Intergroup office in Pennsauken.

Literature Store Hours listed on our Literature Page

The Literature Committee has opportunities for Sales volunteers who would be available to fill in as substitutes when needed and to help out with “Literature Road Shows” where we bring literature to events and home group meetings. Contact literature for more details.

You can place an order by calling 856-486-4446 anytime. This line is covered by an answering machine. You can leave your order on the machine or email. We suggest that you call to verify that someone is in the office, or will be in the office when you come to pick up your order.We will have your order ready to go when you arrive.

Special Literature Orders: We will special order anything that is approved by GSO (AA’s General Service Office). Turnaround time is 2 weeks.

Meeting List Committee –

Lists all AA meeting days, times, locations and types of meetings. Updated and reprinted when necessary. Call Intergroup to report a change in your meeting. You can also download a Meeting List Update Form or use the Online Update Form.

Newsletter Committee –

The Intergroup newsletter, Anonymous South Jersey, is published monthly and contains articles written by our own AA members as well as Intergroup news and announcements. To volunteer for this committee or to submit an article or other announcement, please call the Intergroup Office or email the committee. Your participation and submissions are always welcome.

Public Information Committee –

The Public Information Committee provides AA speakers to schools and other organizations when requested. To have the Public Information Committee provide a presentation to your organization call the Intergroup Office or send email.

Social Events Committee –

Plans social activities such as dances, dinners & family outings. Fun camaraderie for the Fellowship of AA! If you have any questions or ideas for social events, or would like to volunteer to work on the committee, please call or send email.

Tech Committee –

Develops and maintains this website.

Unity Committee –

Ever wonder HOW the Traditions impact our meetings? Need a job (one third of the triangle is service) in Intergroup but you aren’t sure what you want? OR are you tired of hearing your sponsor tell you to GET A JOB? Get answers to these and other IMPONDERABLE questions. Have Unity give a presentation at your home group!

If you would like to get involved in service, please contact the Office or the Committee Chair.